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TH Group started the largest high-technology dairy breaker project in Central Highlands at Kon Tum

September 17th, 2020

On September 18, 2020, in Kon Tum province, TH Group held a groundbreaking ceremony for the project of concentrated dairy farming, high-tech industrial scale in the border commune of Mo Rai, Sa Thay district. The project is the next step in the roadmap to create TH true MILK milk maps spread across the country with farms in Nghe An, Ha Giang, Phu Yen, Thanh Hoa and the upcoming An Giang, Cao Bang, with By 2025, TH’s total concentrated dairy herd and association with farmers will reach 400,000 heads.

Groundbreaking ceremony at the project

Total investment capital of the Project of Concentrated Dairy Farming, TH’s high-tech industry scale in Kon Tum is 2,544 billion VND, a total area of ​​441 ha with 10,000 cows and cows. Associated farming with farmers is expected to be 20,000 children through a high-tech cooperative model; to build a milk processing factory with a capacity of 150 tons / day. This will be the No. 1 dairy farm and fresh milk processing factory in the Central Highlands region.

This project can be considered as laying the foundation for the development of dairy farming in Kon Tum province – the locality has many advantages for this industry, but Kon Tum’s dairy farming is still a complete “battle field”. Leave it blank until TH appears.

Ms. Thai Huong spoke at the event

Kon Tum has a large land, low population density, especially the cool highland climate – the year-round temperature ranges from only 18-23 degrees Celsius, on a high terrain of 700-1,200 meters. sea ​​level. These characteristics are very suitable for dairy farming – great cattle come from temperate land. Investing in the project of dairy farming and milk processing in Sa Thay district, Kon Tum, TH will turn the land of the country into one of the typical dairy farming and processing areas of the country. part to improve local socio-economic conditions.

Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa speaking at the project

According to the plan, TH’s project on dairy farming and milk processing in Kon Tum is implemented in two models, including: a closed, centralized dairy farming model, high technology applications – similar to the project. project was implemented in Nghe An; The model of dairy cow breeding linked with the people through high-tech cooperatives – similar to the model that TH deployed in Dalat through Dalatmilk.

Photos of local people attending the ceremony

With the concentrated breeding model, the Kon Tum High-tech Dairy Project has built a farm cluster of 10,000 dairy cows on an area of ​​60 hectares and a large material area of ​​378 hectares.

The farm cluster is designed and operated by Israel’s advanced dairy technology, managed by a 100% computerized system and the world’s leading modern automatic machinery.

TH’s dairy farm status in Kon Tum will actively source raw materials for the processing of cow’s feed by using locally grown grass and maize, at the same time propagating, developing other cultivars, guidance and to encourage farmers in the area to plant raw material crops and to consume output for farmers.

With a breeding model linked with farmers through high-tech cooperatives, the project aims to develop dairy herds following this model to 20,000 heads, with the scale of 5-10 dairy cows / household. It is expected that about 2,000-4,000 farmer households of Sa Thay district and the surrounding areas of Kon Tum province can participate in the project, receive technology transfer, access opportunities to improve income and enrich their families. family.

“We will do everything we can to ensure the milk cups made by farmers are also flawless and of consistent quality with those made on TH’s centralized farms. Enterprises and farmers have to make homogeneous glasses of milk quality together and confidently step into the world market ”, said Ms. Thai Huong, Founder – Chairman of TH Group Strategy Council.

Photos of local people participating in the ceremony

Joining high-tech cooperatives, farmers are supported with bank loans to buy dairy cows and build barns; get veterinary support; supported with food supply for cows and completely consumption of raw fresh milk. The herds of cattle raised on the farm will also be attached with chips to monitor all activities, prevent diseases and monitor the quality and yield of milk.

At the commencement of the project in Kon Tum, over 20 households in the region were ready to sign commitments to join the cooperative model to receive technology transfer 4.0 from TH Group.

The founder of the Group, Ms. Thai Huong, is to make a glass of fresh milk for public health and for export; At the same time, it helps farmers to get rich through dairy cows, and more importantly, helps them feel “proud of their land, which has made products that the world has accepted with requirements and standards. the most demanding ink ”.

Ms. Thai Huong spoke at the event

TH’s project on dairy farming and dairy processing in Kon Tum will also go towards a green economy – a circular economy. This is an economic model that has been methodically deployed in TH, reflected in the closed production process “from green grass to clean milk cups” of TH in the past 10 years. In the cyclical economic model, products, by-products, and even waste of one category are inputs into another, e.g. waste collection of livestock farming systems for treatment with biogas systems. large capacity, composting microbiological fertilizers for raw material areas, grasslands, maize to serve as food for dairy cows …

This model is also concretized by TH’s pioneering application of consumption solutions to protect the environment, reduce plastic waste, actively recycle – participate in initiating organizations such as the Business Coalition for the Environment. Vietnam (VB4E), Vietnam Union for Packaging Recycling (PRO Vietnam). TH also has policies to protect land and water resources, innovate energy solutions, comply with the highest standards of water resources and treat waste. This is the economic model that the world is transforming to follow for sustainable development and at the same time very consistent with the principle of Cherishing Mother Nature; Because of true happiness that TH has been pursuing for decades.