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TH Group officially launched TH true YOGURT – Truly natural

August 21st, 2013

Being inspired by an ambition for Vietnamese stature and all Vietnamese, especially the children are accessible to premium quality dairy products with high nutritious value as what the consumers in developed countries have consumed, TH group with its determination has been successful to place the first bricks for clean and fresh milk industry in Viet Nam.

The introduction of the fresh and clean UHT Milk products to the market in 12/2010 was the initial proof for TH’s ambition and determination. Just more than 2 years since then, the products have created a miracle when the quality of products have created and consolidated the ​​brand position and been step by step reinforcing the position of the products in hearts and minds of the consumers.

Following the mentioned above successes and to continue its noble mission in health care and contribution for improvement for Vietnamese stature, TH has once again paved a path way to introduce yogurt products TH true YOGURT made entirely from pure, clean and fresh milk combined with natural fruit flavors such as blueberry, strawberry, orange, alovera , etc … which not only meet the demands of the consumers at the best but also create competitive advantages in yogurt market in particular and fresh and clean milk market of Viet Nam.

In July 2013, TH true YOGURT introduced to the consumers 3 lines of products including spoon yoghurt, probiotic drinking (drinkable) yoghurt and UHT drinking yoghurt. All of these products are made ​​entirely from pure and fresh milk of TH farm – the largest dairy cow farms in Southeast Asia – with the world class newest technology and closed production line. The direct fermentation using optimal culture helps minimize the contamination from the outside and preserve the integrity of natural essence and nutrients.

TH has selected and put into production two exclusive cultures named TH.acidophilus and, TH.paracasei studied and produced by the world leading culture production group – CHR (Denmark), which are proved as effective digestive supports and immune booster. In addition, the raw materials of TH true YOGURT are completely natural. In particular, TH true Yogurt contains protein level from 2.8 to 2.9% per 100ml, meeting the standards on nutritious value of 2.7% (2.7g protein/100 ml) according to Vietnamese Standards No. 5 -5:2010/BYT issued by the Ministry of Health and Standard 243-2003 CODEX regulated by Food Standards International Commission for non-heated fermented milk products.

The investment is aimed at one only purpose – supplying consumers with not only naturally essence but also delicious and nutritious for digestive supports, immunity boosting, and physical and intellectual development for daily healthy and happy life.

Ms. Thai Huong – Chairwoman of TH Group declared that: “TH true YOGURT is one of the strategic products line of TH, produced completely natural. Along with clean and fresh milk products TH true MILK, TH true YOGURT is invested a lot of efforts and dedication to produce the products not only delicious but also good for digestion and immunity. With such, TH has contributed to fostering and bringing up Vietnamese stature for a brighter future. With TH true YOGURT, once again, we are proud to be a pioneer in creating of natural nutritious products in Vietnamese market”.

With such distinct advantages good for the health, TH true YOGURT has once again demonstrated the efforts and ambition as well as determination of TH to foster and bring up the next generation for Vietnamese Statue.

More about TH Group

Having come to the market of Vietnam since 2010, with the business philosophy that “Fresh and clean milk is the only way”, empowered with ambition and determination for strong Vietnamese stature, TH has separated itself from the common path that other dairy businesses have taken to choose its own way – that is to produce clean, fresh and pure products. In order to realize the ambition, TH has made huge investment in infrastructure, human resources and scientific researches to enable the production of clean and fresh dairy products, not only delicious and nutritious but also good for physical and intellectual development for the people of Viet Nam. The establishment of TH farm in Nghe An – the largest dairy farms in Southeast Asia – with the world-class closed technology and production line, is seen as the fruits of the ceaseless efforts made by TH Group. Recently on 09/7/2013, TH has commercially run its fresh and clean milk plant applying robotic technology which is first time applied in Viet Nam. Accordingly, all processes are computerized to guarantee the perfection of the products regarding quality and nutrition so that all the goodness of nature is preserved in each drop of milk to the consumers.

TH true YOGURT is another further step taken by the Group to strengthen its sole position as a Group specialized in production of clean and fresh milk products entirely from pure and natural raw materials really good for health.