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Enjoy optimal benefits from the co-branded card BAC A BANK – TH true mart

September 11th, 2020

Becoming a co-branded card holder of BAC A BANK – TH true mart, customers will receive an attractive discount when shopping for high quality products of TH Group at TH true mart system and controlling their assets. Efficient personalization thanks to optimal modern payment methods, combined with smart financial management applications.

Coming to Bac A Commercial Joint Stock Bank (BAC A BANK), owning a card has become easier than ever because cardholders are free to open an account, free to issue cards, free annual fees and apply schedules. card usage fees are extremely competitive. Customers only need to bring their valid ID to any branch / transaction office of BAC A BANK to complete the card opening procedure simply and quickly.

Besides the convenience of transactions at ATMs of BAC A BANK, customers can withdraw cash, transfer, balance inquiries … at nearly 18,000 ATMs nationwide. Customers will also experience the convenience of paying for purchases and using services at more than 270,000 POS machines at stores and supermarkets nationwide. In particular, customers will receive 5% off the bill value when paying with a co-branded card BAC A BANK – TH true mart at a chain of 300 TH true mart stores in nearly 50 provinces and cities.

With the trend of digitizing banking services, BAC A BANK cardholders can optimize electronic banking channels such as Internet banking & Mobile banking, SMS Banking to manage accounts scientifically; At the same time, it connects easily to various types of e-wallets – allowing cardholders to make transactions instantly.

To meet the increasingly popular demand for non-cash payments, customers will experience many practical benefits from BAC A BANK – TH truemart co-branded card such as 24/7 Interbank Money Transfer via account number. account or card number; Online payment with electricity, water, telephone bills, train tickets, air tickets …

Not only is information secure when using the card, safe when not carrying a lot of cash, customers also receive an attractive interest rate when the account is automatically profitable and has the opportunity to participate in promotions. regular promotions and incentives of BAC A BANK and its partners.

In the smart consumption trend, the synchronous use of cards – accounts of BAC A BANK will give customers a full experience of modern banking services, helping customers actively manage their finances with many outstanding benefits. For details, please contact branches / transaction offices of BAC A BANK or Customer Service Center 1800 588 828 (free of charge).