17.700 ₫ (VAT)
  • shape-2 Packaging: bottle
  • drop Capacity: 350 ml
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Nutrious, good for health
With 99.96% apple juice from apple juice concentrate, the product contains oxidation reduction ingredients that enhance the body’s immune system.
Purely natural:
Produced using natural fruits from domestic and international high-quality farms to bring purely natural flavors and nutrition.
No added sugar, No preservatives
Thirst-quenching savory taste
The mixture of ingredients using a special recipe provides sufficient water for your body plus a typical taste of truly natural fruits.
Advanced production technologies
A closed process using advanced German production line, the sterilization technology and aseptic technique help retain most of nutrients and flavors of the products..
Enjoyable drinking, satisfying your thirst
Wide-neck bottles enhance user’s comfort experience
Convenient packaging for personal and family uses
The products are introduced in 350ml bottles with dynamic & compact design, convenient for personal and family uses.


Instructions for storage and use:

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, strong odors and chemicals.
Best served chilled.
After opening, keep refrigerated at 4-10 ºC and use within 3 days.


Nutrition Information Per 100 ml:

Energy 48  kcal
Carbohydrate 12  g
Protein  0,5 g
Fat < 0,5 g

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