Natural Coconut Yogurt

29.500 ₫ (VAT)
  • shape-3 Packaging: Cup Pack - 4-pack block
  • drop-2 Capacity: 100 g
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Entirely made with pure and fresh milk of TH farm, natural fermentation
Production on modern production lines with closed technology, keeping all natural nutrition from fresh milk.
Products with delicious and cool taste, for the whole family to be happy and healthy every day.
Natural Coconut Yogurt is entirely made from fresh TH Farm milk combined with natural coconut, which creates a new, delicious, and appealing taste.
No preservatives, colorants, or chemosynthetic ingredients.


Instructions for storage and use:

Cool storage at 4-8˚C
Consume immediately after opening
The product has small coconut pieces. Be careful when letting children eat the product.


Nutrition Information Per 100 ml:

Energy 101,4 kcal
Carbohydrate 14 g
Protein 3,7 g
Fat 3,4 g

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