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Launch of TH true YOGURT Natural Cheese Yogurt with TOPKID Formula

September 8th, 2020

Following the success of TH TOPKID products to help healthy children naturally receive the trust of numerous consumers: Pasteurized Fresh Milk, Yogurt, Pasteurized Drinking Yogurt, TH is proud to launch a product line Brand new product: TH true YOGURT Natural Cheese Yogurt with TOPKID Formula.

Made entirely from TH farm’s pure fresh milk combined with micronutrients for children, TOPKID Natural Cheese Yogurt with unique delicious flavor is supplemented with essential nutrients support children’s brain development and height. The product promises to be a great gift for kids this summer and contributes to the lively yogurt market for children.

TOPKID Delicious Natural Cheese Yogurt has the following outstanding benefits:
 Easy-to-absorb natural nutrients: Completely from TH farm’s pure fresh milk and natural cheddar cheese, produced by modern pasteurization technology to keep almost the full flavor and nutrition. Naturally easily absorbed for children.
 Supports brain development and height: Micronutrient supplements include – Vitamins B6, B12 and Folic Acid help children develop brain and function of the nervous system, ensure immune function, support too new cell builders, especially blood cells and calcium, help promote the growth, development and maintenance of bone health, determine the child’s height.
 Delicious, refreshing taste to appeal to children: A line of cold-preserved yogurt with sweet and sour blend, now combined with fragrant natural cheddar cheese, this “deliciously delicious” flavorful product will surely attract every little child.
 Good for the digestive system: Natural fermentation technology with strains of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus that is good for the digestive system.
 Suitable for children’s diet: Convenient 90 ml bottle packaging, suitable for 1 drink.

During the product launch, TH would like to launch the Buy 8 Get 1 promotion to bring the opportunity to use the product to the whole family. Details about the program are as follows:
Program structure: When buying 2 batches of TOPKID Natural Cheese Yogurt, receive 1 box of TOPKID Natural Cheese Yogurt immediately
Applicable products: TH true YOGURT natural cheese yogurt with TOPKID formula
Promotion period: From July 9 to September 30, 2020 or until gifts are finished
Scope of application: TH truemart stores, supermarkets and retail stores nationwide, e-commerce channel selling TH products, cannot be applied at the same time with other promotions of TH.
TH is looking forward to continuing to receive the cooperation and support of our customers in the coming time so that TOPKID brand is more and more welcomed and loved by millions of Vietnamese children.