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TH true MILK builds new standard of fresh milk replenishes

March 4th, 2015

On 29/12, TH true MILK officially launched the new product – Fresh TH true MILK supplementation enhances dew quality health and beauty. New product suite includes three products: Fresh Milk MILK true TH supplementation of calcium; TH true clean fresh milk MILK Additional Collagen and clean fresh milk MILK Additional TH Phytosterols true.

Through these products, TH true MILK want to build a new standard of fresh milk formula, improving health beauty customers


Ministry of health care products, beauty

TH True Milk Fresh MILK calcium supplements help strengthen bones, healthy joints. For women aged 30, the bone begins the aging process; this process especially fast during perimenopause. If you do not provide enough calcium will lead to osteoporosis, bones become brittle and break easily. The level of osteoporosis later in life will be determined by the absorption of calcium in the bones stage area from 20-30 years old. Therefore, as a precaution, women take calcium supplements before aging bones start.Fresh milk itself contains about 105mg MILK TH True / 100ml; however, in the Fresh Dairy Calcium supplementation TH true MILK contains about 140 mg / 100 mL (approximately 250-260mg / bottle). In addition, each bottle containing products 2,65g system unique fiber (inulin, FOS) extracted from chicory root – originating from Belgium, is scientifically proven to increase more than 20% absorption of calcium into the body .

Fresh milk MILK collagen supplement TH true for smooth skin, shiny hair. Collagen is a protein available in the body. Of these, approximately 70% of the collagen involved in the construction of skin texture;creating sustainable networks, supporting the skin from the inside, ensuring firmness and elasticity.Therefore, collagen is considered an important factor to maintain your youthfulness of skin. After age 25, women, the ability to synthesize collagen makes the skin begins to reduce signs of aging, loss looks toned and smooth. Specifically, hormonal disorders in perimenopausal period can lose 30% of collagen within 5 years.

Currently, collagen is divided into two main types: Type 1 & 3 (found in the skin) and type 2 (found in cartilage). Fresh milk TH true collagen supplement contains collagen MILK 1 & 3 are derived completely natural and collagen peptides – short circuit hydrolyzed collagen type – should be absorbed into the body easily. Effective beauty of collagen peptides have been demonstrated by clinical studies at Center Kiel (Germany) since 2011. Take 2 bottles of fresh milk MILK true clean TH collagen supplement per day (equivalent to about 2-2 , 5g Collagen) is the solution safely and effectively for the full complement of collagen and keep forever youthful spring strokes.

TH true clean fresh milk MILK phytosterol supplements help lower cholesterol for a healthy heart. Excess cholesterol is harmful cause serious diseases such as cardiovascular atherosclerosis, blood vessel blockage, high blood pressure … Phytosterols help reduce harmful cholesterol by inhibiting the absorption Cholesterol in food consumption. Program’s National Cholesterol Education recommended 2-3 grams of phytosterols Belgium / day for 6-15% decrease harmful cholesterol after 5 weeks of use.

According to research findings in laboratory raisio (Finland), a daily intake of fresh pasteurized milk 3 boxes TH true MILK Additional Phytosterols (approximately 2 g phytosterols / day) would reduce harmful cholesterol 6-15% after 5 weeks of use, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease because of excess cholesterol.

New benchmarks of fresh milk formula

TH MILK true determination, life and more pressure and containing many negative factors affecting human health. So we need to prepare and take care of yourself better. Especially, in adulthood, the body facing many health problems like heart disease, osteoarthritis, aging, changes to, weakening of the body when approaching middle age.

Therefore, the new product’s true TH MILK adding essential nutrients to improve the health problems related to cardiovascular, bone and skin, gives customers a healthy life and dynamism. This is a true partnership between TH MILK and the leading nutrition organization, as well as prestigious research institutes around the world (Germany, Finland, Belgium).

Advantages of the Fresh Dairy Products TH replenishes true MILK is produced from clean raw milk flows from the natural essence of Farm TH. MILK true TH believe that the essence of nature combined with elite international technology will bring to all people, all the clean fresh dairy products, delicious and most nutritious. Through these products, TH true MILK want to build a new standard of fresh milk formula (additional nutrients) to provide a better option for consumers.

Compared with the Fresh Dairy Products MILK TH true replenishes debuted ago, this time the products are packed in plastic bottle of 180 ml volume premium, convenient and more suitable for older audience .To offer better value to consumers and expand to many more customers, products sold at 12,000 dong / 180ml bottle, instead of VND15,000 / 180ml box as before.


The new item’s true TH MILK

With committed for the benefit of consumers, the new product’s true TH MILK will write to “the true story of TH” and contribute to the great mission titled “For stature Vietnam”.