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Tea airwaves whit TH true MILK pasteurized

July 19th, 2015

Refreshing cup of tea, tea bar bittersweet, aromatic taste delicious natural fresh milk pasteurization TH true MILK clean, eye-catching wave comparator 2 story …, very suitable to welcome you in hot days.

  1. Material:
  • 2 Lipton tea bags
  • 100ml hot water to make tea
  • 50ml water line
  • Fresh milk pasteurization MILK true TH: 50ml
  • Ice: 3-4
  1. Thực hành:
  • 2 tea bags in hot water 100ml
  • Pour 50ml and 50ml tea containing sugar water into drinking cup
  • For more on cup crushed ice
  • Refill 50ml fresh milk into a clean cup TH true MILK pasteurized
  • Pour 50ml tea pitches rest up. If there shaker bottle, can give the same amount of tea into 2 ices, mix and then pour directly into the foam cup to produce cotton, beautifully.

The guests will certainly enjoy chatting, watching the floors newly tea – milk intertwined constant waves. With simple operation, refreshing cup of milk tea, not only aromatic help you dispel the summer sun, but also bring new vigor thanks to the nutrients from fresh milk pasteurization TH true MILK clean.

Fresh milk pasteurization TH true MILK apply modern technology of the German ESL – processing technology combined temperature and time appropriate enable almost absolute elimination of bacteria. Milk is poured in sterile conditions in special packaging product 6 classes help secure and kept completely original nutritional value and delicious taste naturally in 30 days.

Nutritional infomation per 100ml
Energy 73 Kcal Vitamin B6 32 µg
Fat 3,4 g Axit Pantothenic 290 µg
Protein 3,1 g Axit Folic 2,4 µg
Hydrat cacbon 7,5 g Biotin 4,5 µg
Vitamin A 142 l.U Calcium 104 mg
Vitamin D 19 l.U Magnesium 8,0 mg
Vitamin B1 31 µg Zinc 0,32 µg
Vitamin B2 195 µg Iron 0,28 µg
Vitamin PP 111 µg Iodine 17 µg

The content is made by
TH Institute of Nutrition and Culinary Center TH 24