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Supplement nutrient with Probiotic Yogurt Natural Blueberry

July 6th, 2015

One cup of yogurt whipped Vietnam hit rock slightly sour sweetness mingle expenditure not bring refreshing cool feeling, but also adds immensely essential nutrients for the body, so that you and your family ready for a week work effectively.


  • Live yoghurt Vietnam Quat natural yeast TH true YOGURT: 1 box
  • Condensed milk: 20ml
  • Fresh Cream: 20ml
  • Vietnam cranberry jam: 40ml
  • Stone: 3-4 User


  • Beaten yoghurt Vietnam Quat natural living yeast TH true YOGURT with 20ml milk
  • Fine grinding stones, mixed with yogurt mixture, milk
  • Pour half the mixture into a glass
  • For further 40ml cranberry jam Vietnam to the 2nd floor
  • Pour milk mixture Chua notes ½ condensed milk on top create 3rd floor
  • Spraying whipped cream on top and enjoy

Live yoghurt Vietnam Quat natural yeast true TH Milk used entirely clean pure fresh milk of the farm TH, do not use preservatives, flavors and colors to use natural, beneficial bacteria containing about 1 billion TH. acidophilus / box offers you and your family a refreshing summer and full of energy.

Besides live yoghurt Vietnam Quat box natural yeast, TH True Milk are brought to you and your family drink pasteurized yogurt natural flavor Vietnam Quat and Yogurt drink cranberry glaze Vietnamese natural incense life with unforgettable taste and price high nutritional value.

See more at: http://www.thmilk.vn/common/yogurt 

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