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Key for making milk tea on summer days

June 29th, 2015

Summer will be refreshing than ever when you are immersed in the fragrance of mint green tea and heart health you will want to visit every day if it was blended teas in line UHT milk supplemented TH Phytosterols fresh pastries.

Raw milk to 1 cup of mint tea

– 1 bag of mint tea flavors

– 100ml boiling hot water

– 100-120 ml fresh milk pasteurized TH supplementation Phytosterols

– Stone: 3 tablets


– For hot tea into the cup boiling water, let infuse tea, tan offers

– When the tea has worn them, remove the tea bag

– Slowly pour fresh milk pasteurized TH supplementation Phytosterols in cups

– Stir the tea and milk blended together

– Adding ice to cool

– You can enjoy always or for more pearl or black jelly preferences





During the hot hot summer day, in the morning or after a stressful working hours, you absolutely can treat yourself to refreshing cup of milk tea is always fresh and the body you always healthy heart. By TH true UHT milk supplemented MILK Phytosterols help prevent cardiovascular disease. According to research findings in laboratory raisio (Finland), a daily intake of 3 box TH true UHT milk MILK Additional Phytosterols (equivalent to approximately 2g Phytosterols / day), would reduce 6-15% cholesterol damage after 5 weeks of use, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease due to excess cholesterol.

Nutrient composition in 100ml UHT milk supplemented TH Phytosterols

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Energy 61.4  Kcal Vitamin B6 28  g
Fat 1.8 g Pantothenic acid 280  g
Protein 2.8 g Folic Acid 2.0  g
Carbohydrates 8.5 g Biotin 3.9  g
Vitamin A 27 LU Calcium 133 mg
Vitamin D 6 Lu Magnesium 12.5 mg
Vitamin B1 29  g Zinc 0.2  g
Vitamin B2 198  g Iron 0.3  g
Vitamin PP 110  g Iodine 18  g

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